Annie Nolan Frost
Annie Frost
Vital statistics
Name Annie Nolan Frost
Nickname "Boots"
Gender Female
Family William Frost (father)
Unamed Mother
Job Deputy Marshal
City Houston, Texas
Status Alive
Portrayed By Kelli Giddish
First Appearance Pilot

Annie Frost is an Supervisory Deputy US Marshals and the Leader of the Houston Enforcment and Apprehension Task Force (short HEAT). She has an affilination for high risk fugitive take downs for exampel, jumps from bridges or from chopper to an driving lorry.

she swims, she got shot, she felt in love with 2 guys, she's cute and she has lots of friends.


Annie Frost is the daugther of an criminal and had many truble with the law on her own in her erly life until her (aunt?) became her legal guardian when she was eight. Later was Annie on the Air Force Akademy before working with the US Marshals.

At the bigining of the show she was alredy the Leader of HEAT, A unit of the Marshals Service how hunt down the most wanted fugitives, mostly in the state of Texas. She arrest them at all cost even when she has to jump from a Bridge into the Rio Grande at the US-Mexican-Border or running to an with an M4 armed enemy while he was reloding.

P.S. she always wears her moms cowboy boots along with jeans and a brown belt.